eXcitesports features separate meeting, coworking, convention, event, and live performance venues, ranging in size, each distinctly unique.

  • The Nebula Arena, the original venue renowned for its acoustics, extremely high ceiling, and live grand show experience - 6000-capacity  5k to 20k based on event requirements

  • The Leaders Spot, a semi-industrial 350-capacity intimate 80-yard bar, live music, and event space 2k to 60/40 profit splits based on event

  • Tobias's Place, a 2500-capacity multi-media venue for large meetings and small conventions. 3k to 5k

  • The Livingroom, a 150-capacity multi-media venue for very intimate events $150 to $500

  • The Boiler Room, for Vids, Pics and whimsical experiences. $300.00 to $1000.00

  • The Locker Room, For Movie productions and Musical Vids. $1000 to $2000

  • The Alley, For musical vids. $300.00

  • Co-Working cubes and small office for small business, students, music producers, artist,s and craftspeople. $200.00 month to month only

Student, Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses, Pastors, Educators, Military

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