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Mission Statement: To help people to perform better, think faster live better, feel inspired, and get an excellent education in Broadcasting, Podcasting, Streaming, Film, and TV,  to create innovations. Our primary objective is to provide and inspire young persons to be creators worldwide with unique production spaces that bring their vision and imagination to life while reducing overhead costs associated with the infrastructure of traditional studios.

  • To help Gamers perform better, think faster, live better, feel inspired, and create innovation in esports and the world.

  • To help Gamers perform better, think faster, live better, feel inspired, and create innovation in esports and the world.

Vision Statement: Imagine bringing the location to you and creating worlds never seen before. Providing your talent with an environment that invokes their most satisfactory performance. All while maximizing efficiencies and project timelines with real-time production and post-production as you shoot. To teach and prepare young people of color for Radio, Film, TV, Streaming, Podcasting, and the MOVIES. Studios is an Atlanta-based social media concert streaming studio hub specializing in simplified pre-and post-  remote production and concert experiences. Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta in the 191 Peachtree Building, eXcitelive Studios are a one-stop shop for all your social media production, streaming, and concert needs. We offer a comprehensive list of services customizable to suit every social media and concert production. Our two studios' facilities are turnkey and thoughtfully designed and laid out with producers and talent in mind; we can meet your needs whatever you want.

We offer 300 to 6000-seat studios and a 100,000 feet production space, the largest in social media, and the only 75 feet from floor to ceiling social media production room in Atlanta that has been fully integrated with state-of-the-art NDI and fiber technology to include 120g internet. Our production studio is equipped to accommodate all creative visions for social media, TV, film, live performances/broadcasts, podcasts, movie screenings, and commercial productions. Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment that accommodates all social media production sizes ranging from small to large networks. From conceptualization to full production, our studio is guaranteed to exceed all your social media and concert production needs.


Whether you are a first-time podcaster or professional, an artist wanting to be live-streamed, a content creator, wanting to take it to the next level, or a child wanting to turn visions into reality eXcitelive is here for you.


The eXciteLive Hyper Studio "THE NEBULA" is the largest esports-only dedicated studio on the planet,  working hard to provide crib to college training. Here, we provide training and tournament opportunities, podcasting, and live streaming for anyone from casual to professionals.


Whether your goal or game is musical streaming, radio, TV, Film, writing, editing, concert performance, Fortnite, Overwatch, Madden Football, NBA 2K, or if you just enjoy watching, eXciteLive training center and Hyper studio, "THE NEBULA" is your place to thrive.


Come here for High School, College, Local, Regional, National, and International Mega-events,  individuals, and companies, it's all backed with the best and fastest state-of-the-art equipment and ample, secure parking for all. We are a production convention studio.


We are helping to make The City of Atlanta the Worldwide Headquarters for TV, Movie, Radio,  Esports, Streaming, training,  and first seen Family Entertainment. While other cities are talking about or are in the process of building streaming TV Movie, and Radio studios,  for people of color our Hyper Arena is already built with a seating capacity of 6,000 seats, all with state-of-the-art lights, sound, Wi-Fi, training facility, and 120G internet connections. The Future is here!

Group Bonding

The Team


Tobias Browne, J.D. D.D, CEO/President

James Heard, Vice President

Yasmine Mustafa Browne, Vice President of Finance 

Gregory Peatfield, CIO/CTO

Arie Browne, Productions / Tech Advisor

Vicky Lundy Of 

Janice Albright, Liaison - Secondary and Post Secondary Education

Durwin Paul, Liaison - Community Outreach/Counselor


Guillermo Todd of Wargo and French, Chief Legal Officer

All our team members are represented by our chief legal counsel as well.

We are a  501(c)3 NON-PROFIT

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